Revolt against Reality
For centuries, civilization has been about Truth, that is, the truth which can be imposed by a leader upon the subjects of said leader. This is not true to all societies of course, but almost all of them have been about the slavery of the Unique unto the machinations of a council, a leader, a Senate, an aparattus which is entirely meant to voice a Truth which all must be subjugated to... A quiet Tyranny.
Tyranny that exists within every aspect of the Real. The Real has been historically the most "grounded" concept, and the reference to all "mentally sound" concepts. That is, The Real became the pivotal point that all must be subjugated to for the validity of a Leader to exist. Reality as a concept has always been the idea of a Real which you cannot escape-- something that is inescapable, impossible to ever leave, and which you must, and with NO exception, be subjugated to.
This, of course, is the act of hierarchy. It breaks apart the fragile feral Spirit that refuses to exist within definition and within coherence and logic: The crushing of this spirit is core to tyranny. The last bits of this ferality, this savagery, can be seen sometimes in the sexually depraved; those who have the most disgusting fetishes, those who lavish unto the beauty and poesie of spreading a mound of warm shit over the other's chest in an act of utter denial and rejection of civilization, to free yourself for even but a second as you orgasm in utter savagery in your apartment without giving even the slightest consideration towards the next day in which you'll rot in an office. The glimpses of savagery and the beauty of savagery-- the poesies that come with being utterly and unconditionally connected and in flaming and vibrant care and passion towards the other in an act of complete ferality. The wordless moans, the languageless pleasure, the languageless dialogue, the languageless touch, the languageless kiss.
The death of tyranny is a profound fiery love that exists in filth.
The rejection of the Real as a force which shall act in your feelings has been a historical nescessity to many... This can be seen in Tao, which seeks to destruct the imposement of others and the complete serenity. Of course, Taoism has been molded in according to civilizaiton and repurposed to create passive conformity-- and the beauty of Taoism is that by rejecting the common "Zen" teachings, you become closer to your Tao in a interlacing where the two feel a warm satisfaction and beauty in pleasure.
The body disappears, when you accept ferality... Becoming savage means overcoming the physical body, and in turn removing the subjugations of Truth and Science unto your feelings.
Your body becomes nothing more than a carnal poesie which you can choose to embrace in or to ignore...
Authority disintegrates when the embracement of Fascism becomes individual, that is, to reject the collective concept of authority; when the motifs of a Nazi flag draped against one's chest, stained with semen, when the embracement of the amoral, when all that matters to you is the aesthetic beauty that you feel towards something-- to reject Truth and to Feel.
To feel again.

yellow warmth of a dying cold wind unto the gentle trees and leaves